Water Facts & Trivia

Water Facts & Trivia

  • Approximately 66% of the human body is water.

  • A 5 minute shower uses 15 to 25 gallons of water on average.

  • A human requires 2.5 quarts of water from all sources per day to maintain health.

  • A person can live for about 1 month without food but only 1 week without water.

  • Water freezes at (32oF, 0oC) and boils at (212oF, 100oC) at sea level.

  • One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.

  • Water is the most common substance on the Earth.

  • 80% of the Earth's surface is water.

  • 97% of the Earth's water is in oceans and seas.

  • 2% of the Earth's water is frozen in glaciers and therefore unusable.

  • Only 1% of the Earth's water is suitable for drinking water.

  • Average person in the U.S. uses over 100 gallons a day.