Stream Physical Assessment

Stream Physical Assessment

Our physical assessment of Catfish Run at the Ice Skating Rink Parking Lot site will include:

  • Discharge measurement

  • Discharge is the volume of water passing a given point within a certain time. We will measure it in gallons per minute. Discharge measurement will require a stream channel profile determination and a flow determination.
  • Visual Assessment

  • The visual assessment will involve examining the stream corridor for general condition. We will look at channel condition, substrate type, instream fish cover, bank stability, riparian zone quality and will estimate macroinvertebrate habitat. We will identify problem areas; erosion, siltation and stream encroachments. Photos will be taken of problem areas.
  • Rosgen stream classification determination

  • We will make a determination of what type of stream reach Catfish Run is at the site according to the Rosgen Classification System.