Water Facts

Water's Beneficial Uses

Each stream reach in Pennsylvania is designated specific beneficial uses. The following table lists the beneficial uses of Pennsylvania's surface waters for different categories as defined in Chapter 93 of The Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law. Chapter 93 deals specifically with the water quality of Pennsylvania's water resources.

Aquatic Life Water Supply Recreation/Fish Consumption Special Protection Other
Cold Water Fishery Potable Water Supply Boating High Quality Waters Navigation
Warm Water Fishery Industrial Water Supply Fishing Exceptional Quality Waters --
Migratory Fishery Livestock Water Supply Water Contact Sports -- --
Trout Stocked Fishery Wildlife Water Supply Aesthetics -- --
-- Irrigation -- -- --

Peters Creek's use designation for Aquatic Life in South Park Twp, Jefferson Hills and Clairton is Trout Stocked Fishery. Specific water quality standards must be met to maintain this portion of Peters Creek for this use. Temperature is an important criteria since trout are sensitive to high water temperatures.

The upper reaches of Peters Creek, where these temperature standards can not be met, are designated Warm Water Fishery.