Peters Creek Point Source Pollution

Peters Creek Nonpoint Source Pollution

What is Point Source Pollution?

Point source pollution is pollution that can be traced to a single source, pipe or smokestack; such as that from industrial and sewage treatment plants. The Clean Water Act of 1972 created the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Program (NPDES) to regulate these large sources of pollution. Permits are developed for each point source that are designed to protect the beneficial uses of the receiving body of water or air quality of a region. Permitted dischargers are required to monitor their discharge on a regular basis to make sure that they are not violating their permit standards.

Examples of Point Source Pollution in the Peters Creek watershed:

  • Sewage plant outfalls or discharges.

  • Industrial plant discharges.

  • Emissions from individual smokestacks.

  • Foul Pond

    Bethel Park- South Park Sewage Treatment Plant Discharge
    South Park Twp


    Emission from Individual Smokestacks
    Clairton Coke Works