Parking Lot Redesign BackGround

Parking Lot Redesign Background Information

Place cursor over photo to see Catfish Run and the location of the Parking Lot.

This is a satellite view of the Catfish Run subwatershed. Catfish Run flows north to south and is a named tributary to Piney Fork Run. The headwaters of both the east branch and west branch of Catfish Run are found in Bethel Park Borough. They then flow into South Park Township and meet just north of Stone Manse Drive; the site of the Oliver Miller Homestead.

Catfish Run flows along Corrigan Drive; crosses under Corrigan and then flows in a channel along the South Park fairgrounds. It is culverted as it exits South Park County Park and is polluted as it exits the culvert by an acid mine drainage seep along Brownsville Rd. Catfish Run flows under Brownsville Rd. and then flows in a valley between the new South Park High School and a recent townhouse development. The stream eventually finds its way to Piney Fork Run just upstream of the Bethel Park-South Park Wastewater Plant.

In 2004 the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection studied Catfish Run to determine if it satisfied the standards for a warm water fishery. A warm water fishery should provide Maintenance and propagation of fish species and additional flora and fauna which are indigenous to a warm water habitat. The PA DEP found that Catfish Run, in part, is impaired. It does not satisfy the warm water fishery aquatic use standard due to impairment by:

  • Abandoned Mine Drainage/Metals
  • Urban Runoff/Storm Sewers/Siltation
  • Organic Enrichment/Low Dissolved Oxygen