Peters Creek Water Resources

The Peters Creek Watershed has water resources in the form of streams, lakes, wetlands, vernal ponds, intermittent streams and groundwater.


Each tributary of Peters Creek creates its own subwatershed. From east to west the major subwatersheds are:

  • Lewis Run

  • Beam Run

  • Lick Run

  • Piney Fork Run

Piney Fork Run has two named subwatersheds:
  • Catfish Run

  • Sleepy Hollow Run

There are also numerous un-named tributaries to Peters Creek as well as unofficially named tributaries.


The largest lake in the watershed is Lake JoAnn along Bebout Road in Peters Twp. There are a number of other lakes along Bebout Rd and one of them also serves to store stormwater to reduce flooding from runoff from a recent development.

Lake JoAnn - Peters Twp

Stormwater Detention Pond - Peters Twp

The two Iron Bridge Ponds along Peters Creek Rd in Jefferson Hills are also significant lakes. These lakes are good fish producers and also provide habitat for waterfowl, muskrats and even beaver.

Iron Bridge Ponds - Jefferson Hills

There are also numerous smaller lakes throughout the watershed including irrigation ponds, abandoned mine quarries and vernal ponds that provide habitat for breeding frogs in the spring but are dry for most of the year.

Vernal Pond - Jefferson Hills


There are also numerous significant wetlands in the watershed including a wetland designated by Pennsylvania as an exceptional value wetland because it harbors state endangered species.

Peters Creek Biodiversity Area
Exceptional Value Wetland - Jefferson Hills