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Natural Stream Channel Design - Peters Creek

Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth. This means that much of the work of government takes place at the local level. Municipalities, such as Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Hills and West Elizabeth play an important role in stormwater management and floodplain management within their political boundaries. To more effectively manage stormwater and minimize flooding potential municipalities can:

    • Enact zoning ordinances that protect and preserve floodplains, wetlands, and steep forested slopes that help to manage stormwater.

    • Cooperate with Allegheny County and Washington County and other watershed municipalities to develop a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan for the Peters Creek watershed.

    • Adopt and administer local floodplain management practices that are aimed at protecting lives and new construction from future flooding and permit floodplains to manage water as nature intended.

    • Encourage new development that utilizes planning practices and best management practices that minimize the generation of stormwater runoff, provide groundwater recharge, and minimize the adverse effects of stormwater discharges on water resources.

    • Identify and remediate portions of the watershed already damaged by excessive stormwater runoff utilizing natural design techniques.

South Park County Park

South Park County Park is a 2000 acre multipurpose park that is managed by Allegheny County and is entirely within the Peters Creek watershed. The entire watershed is approximately 32000 acres. So, the park comprises about one-sixteenth of the watershed. Land management decisions within the park can have a significant effect on water quality.

Recently, South Park has instituted ''The Field Habitat Project''. This project allows selected fields within the park to revert to meadow by discontinuing mowing. This will decrease stormwater runoff from these areas and will help to protect Catfish Run and Sleepy Hollow Run from erosion. It will also increase habitat for native pollinators. We depend on native pollinators and honey bees for a significant portion of our food supply. A recent mysterious collapse in honeybee colonies is a serious development. From Science Daily April 23, 2007 -

"An alarming die-off of honey bees has beekeepers fighting for commercial survival and crop growers wondering whether bees will be available to pollinate their crops this spring and summer. Researchers are scrambling to find answers to what's causing an affliction recently named Colony Collapse Disorder, which has decimated commercial beekeeping operations in Pennsylvania and across the country."

Field Habitat Project

Field Habitat Project - South Park County Park