Individual Solutions


Stream Cleanup

Peters Creek & Piney Fork Run Stream CleanUp. April 2007

There are many things that we can all do to help make sure that the streams in our watershed remain healthy. Here are a few.
  • Conserve water - Don't leave faucets run needlessly, make sure your toilet isn't leaking, do only full loads of laundry, don't let the hose run while washing cars.

  • Decrease stormwater runoff by installing rain barrels to capture rainwater from your home's roof. This rainwater can be used to water yard plants.

  • Dispose of oil, household chemicals and unused prescription drugs in the proper manner. Don't just pour them down the drain. There is no such thing as away. These chemicals will end up in our drinking water.

  • Landscape with nature in mind. Use native plants that don't require large amounts of fertilizer and pesticide. Leave as much of your yard as natural as possible. This will decrease runoff and also help to increase native pollinators. What current event makes this important?

  • If your home has a septic system make sure that it is properly maintained.

  • Decrease impervious surface on your property where possible.

  • Learn about local ordinances in Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Hills, West Elizabeth and Allegheny County that are designed to protect local streams and water quality in the Monongahela River.

  • Help local groups like the Tri-Community Anglers, Montour Trail Council and the Peters Creek Watershed Association with stream cleanup, monitoring and restoration activities.

  • Visit your local sewage plant to see how it works.

Riparian Buffer Planting

Riparian buffer planting along Peters Creek in Jefferson Hills. April 2007